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IT Audit Consulting Services

IT auditing services – does this term sound familiar? Auditing involves the conduct of an examination to determine if everything works fine. Most corporations are aware the importance and necessity of the audit of their companies’ financial statements. After all, it makes sense to perform regular audits on a business’ accounting records as a way of fine-tuning its operational performance, adherence to all laws and tax compliance. It also gauges if an organization follows the best practices in the industry. Having said that, many corporate decision makers are not aware of the importance of auditing their business’ IT resources as well.

Typically, IT Auditing services, which revolve around having an in-depth examination of an organization’s IT infrastructure, can be broadly categorized into IT Infrastructure and IT Software audits. Like a financial audit, IT Auditing enables business owners to spot certain weaknesses which are often overlooked. In this case, the Audit specialist will document inconsistencies which could potentially impact server productivity, vulnerabilities in business applications, data security etc and provide you with an advisory report.

It is worrying that many business owners often turn a blind eye on little errors that occur in their IT systems. By doing so, they are leaving a small gap which would eventually widen to create a dent in their IT resources. This creates an opportunity for intrusive parties to attack your weakest points and potentially affect your digital assets. As a business owner, the last thing you want to do is to save pennies while putting your business at risk.

Take the proactive step now and act diligently before anything goes wrong with your company’s digital assets. Conduct regular IT Audits, by engaging professionals who can do the job for you.

At RAMMP IT, we can be your IT Support vendor to perform IT vulnerability testing and risk mitigation services.

Risks can be external (competitors or other non-affiliated parties or hackers) or internal. We perform IT Auditing Services for both instances.

In line with this, you will receive a comprehensive and objective audit report. We will also supplement our service by providing you with a risk mitigation action plan, to value-add to your IT department.

IT Auditing Services – How we can help you..

Helping to improve your company’s performance is our priority. We make this possible by conducting a thorough understanding of your current IT setup. Our IT audit team would inspect each component of your infrastructure & software applications to ensure that you meet the prevailing standards in your industry. Our suite of services include:

  • In-depth study on your IT setup
  • Document and network mapping
  • Scrutinizing the operating system performance & assess vulnerabilities
  • Review perimeter and end-point defences
  • Conduct test on your internet and firewall
  • Reviewing database performance and software functionality
  • Going over other internal solutions like backup protocols, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions
  • Analysing scalability and potential for improvements
  • Detecting potential risks that could affect your productivity and formulating solution to overcome those issues
  • Provide a report on potential solutions and implementation plans

Part of IT Auditing, our software professionals can also help you to study your business processes and provide with you with a report that include suggestions for further enhancement. The module includes:

  • identifying business processes
  • documenting software modules
  • user management guides
  • internal & external PEN test
  • review of security controls
  • business continuity planning advisory
  • accuracy matching
  • SOP and best practices
  • Analysing scalability and potential for improvements
IT Auditing Services – Advantages of IT risk assessment

Your company may have the most sophisticated infrastructure, but that does not mean it is safe and protected from external risks coming from attackers/hackers. Even the most reputable firms are not fully protected despite of their robust IT Security plans put in place by their IT teams. A minor mistake, such as an unprotected system, non-patched OS, old firmware in firewall OR an unguarded database, can be both advantageous to malicious individuals and perilous to your company.

Protecting your office IT environment and safety of your digital assets is only possible by performing an IT Security Audit periodically. At RAMMP IT, we will review your IT landscape and pinpoint all risk factors in relation to security. We will deliver objective reports as well as pertinent recommendations on how to eradicate and lessen these potential risks.

RAMMP IT Audit services will give board members and senior executives new insights into options that can help to mitigate enterprise risks.

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Contact us for a no-obligation consultation and how our suite of IT Audit services can help your organisation.

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