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IT support cost for small business

IT Support cost in Singapore

When planning for any IT requirement, one of the first questions that many ask is: How much would it cost us?

This may seem like the most important factor, however if you were to understand the benefits of a robust IT support in Singapore you would understand that often the efficiencies, opportunity costs, deliverable and time savings can outweigh the cost. So how do you quantify the real cost of IT services?


It is our most precious asset; however, it is rarely into consideration when considering a potential investment. How often when you are about to leave the office needing a printed document urgently, only to find that printer is not working? Or you have a Network OR an Internet issues just when you are approaching an important deadline.

When an IT system is functioning poorly, it can cripple your output and this will cost your valuable time. Time loss is a material and monetary loss as well. IT solutions providers can often provide SLA’s that can act as insurance against timely failures. The best solution providers will define exact problems and the time they will take to fix it. Often this will be categorized by the business criticality of the situation.

Some IT providers also carry spare parts, as part of their service, meaning they can just swap out hardware that is malfunctioning, rather than you wait for it to be fixed. But, with rapid changes in technology, it is difficult to maintain the spare parts and expect delay in getting the spare parts replaced, even if you have a comprehensive maintenance.


Good advice versus poor advice could be fundamental in the future of your business. Many times, businesses are led into IT purchases that are in no way of benefit to the business. Often an IT manager will choose a system that they are familiar with rather than a business-driven choice.

By choosing a reliable provider for IT support in Singapore, you will not only have a company that is working with a multitude of software and hardware, that can make the best recommendations. You will have a pool of knowledge that you can explore. Beyond this, the IT support provider will grow with your company and can alert you to potential threats & needs thereby advising you on enhancement requirements before they become an issue.


In any business, taking preventative measures will save your business money in the long run. IT is no different. In fact, the IT industry can be one of the most expensive should failures occur. Data losses not only lose a business money, they can even put you out of business!

IT solutions are famous for failing, however, it is something that can be prevented and planned for. With the use of preventative maintenance systems, your IT support provider can recognize OR foresee a potential failure before it happens. These systems recognize the patterns of a hardware or software breakdown and will alert the service provider with the correct course of action. This can eliminate complete failures, data losses and much more. Such actions can save money and your business itself.

SO, engage a vendor with plenty of experience and proven track record that includes sound technical knowledge to proactively advise on important issues. Some or the proactive measures you may take includes, regular updates, proper antivirus and robust firewall systems to protect your network.


Everyone claims they can do. Can everyone deliver is a question to ask, before judging a vendor. This would be a tricky situation that includes RAMMP IT Solutions, Singapore. Some of the things that need to be verified are the IT support providers’ presence in Singapore, their Clientele, past Projects, Communication skills, Presentability, Dedication, and Commitment. That being said, apart from all the skills that everyone possesses, volatility in market and manpower issues can still hamper good quality support to falter.


IT support can often seem an expensive and frustrating cost. However diligent decision making, with respect to hiring the correct service provider, can be an action that can define the future of your company.

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