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What is SQL

SQL in general stands for Structured Query Language. It’s a standard language for inputting, store, accessing, and manipulating databases. While there are many SQL engines available, the 3 most popular and market leaders are Oracle, MySQL, and MsSQL.

With mid-range DB market is more popular with MySQL and MsSQL, let us understand a bit about these two.


Both MySQL and MsSQL are enterprise-grade relational database management systems.

MySQL was an open-source RDBMS database, before being taken up by Sun Microsystems and now under Oracle corporation.

MsSQL server was an RDBMS developed by Microsoft.

Both databases offer a free community license for development. MySQL community edition can still be used for production also with no compromise on the performance. There is strong community support for MySQL.

Both the databases support connection from almost all popular programming languages such as C++, Java, C#, PHP, Python, VB, etc. However, MySQL has added support for a language such as Tcl/Tk, Perl, etc.

MySQL can run on virtually all operating systems such as Windows, Linux flavors, MacOS, etc.

Until recently MsSQL was supported only on Windows since it is their home ground. But soon MsSQL versions will be available for non-Windows operating systems also.

MySQL backs up the data as individual SQL create a table and insert queries. And during the while, the table is locked for insertion. Restoration is time-consuming since it has to execute every insert statement per row. On the other hand, MsSQL server backs up the data in a binary format and allows a differential backup of only the delta. This makes the restoration faster.

Another important performance difference is that, if a query takes too long to execute, MsSQL allows the query to be stopped in the midst without affecting the main thread. On the other hand, for MySQL, the main thread should be killed to stop a query from execution.

MySQL has a lot of paid and free query editors like Heidi, SQLYog, etc. On the other hand, since MsSQL is from Microsoft, it has its own query editor and other editors if there are any aren’t known well.

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